Lightbox does not open / work (CMS)


maybe someone can help me further. I have now moved the issue once to a test page.

I have a main image and three other images that I would like to open via a lightbox as shown in this video.

There are two problems:

01 // I have created a Custom Field (More Images) in the CMS. If I want to link the images e.g. with this field on the template page, this created field “More Images” is not even recognized for selection. Why?
02 // The Lightbox itself does not open at all.

I have worked with lightboxes in the past (without CMS) and it worked fine.

I currently have no explanation for what is going on. I better write before I curse Webflow. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the test page:

Thanks a lot

Hi Toby,

I understand that the lightbox in your collection list isn’t letting you connect the multi-image field from your CMS. I think I found the solution. See my video below.

Also, to connect the lightboxes together, make them all have the same group name as seen in this screenshot:


Lastly, make your main image a lightbox too and connect it to the other images by using the same group name as mentioned above.

I hope that helps!

Hi Tyler,

thanks to you, I will test your solution. :slight_smile: My second problem was also that I could not open the lightbox after publishing. It had no functionality at all and did not open the images to be able to slide through them.

I never had that before. Is it the same for you?