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Hi how can I make the lightbox background white? Please see accommodation pages in this website:

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Hello @dzgraphicdesign,

Unfortunately, there is no “officially” way to change background color on generic Webflow lightbox. BUT, if you going to open code of the site in the browser you can find that element, which contain all objects and give the background color has a class w-lightbox-backdrop. So you can trick it by creating some “dummy” div, give it class w-lightbox-backdrop and stile it’s background color. I would strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND to change something more in the lightbox.

Or other way, you can always create your own custom lightbox, only thing, it will take much more time to put few pictures inside of it.



Sorry for late response Anna.

Thanks for your help on this. Will leave as is.


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Hey @dzgraphicdesign you can change the background color of your light boxes with the CSS I added under this topic:

LightBox - Edit the look and feel?

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