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Creation of this gallery

Hello. I am wondering if the gallery in this link can be created in Webflow using interactions. I did follow the modal pop up
but it seems like it would not be suitable for numerous pop up windows (in the tutorial it uses the modal window for a singular application).
I know this can be done in the lightbox but I like the white overlay look AND the ability to click through the slides using the arrows.

Essentially you click on the thumbnail and the white overlay comes up with the image. This is the link.

Thanks in advance

Hi @remix

If you are planning to use CMS it will be not so hard to make custom lightbox fro every image. But there will be not possible to link lightboxes between each other.

If your site will not require Webflow CMS functionality, then just use custom CSS for overwrite standard lightbox background color.

Class name for the layer, which create background is “.w-lightbox-backdrop”


Hi …thanks for the response. Could you elaborate a bt on the custom code? I would just plug in the value for white correct? But don’t I have to do that after it is published or can I change that right in the Webflow editor?

Also can you elaborate on the CMS version? It sounds like I could not click on the arrows to move from image to image…correct?

You can add “Embed code” widget to the page and add CSS code snippet there (wrap with <style> tags, for sure). With this option you should see the changes even in the designer mode.

Or, you add code to the<head> part, but then you will see changes only after publishing.

Yes, correct

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