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White lightbox and next button to tabs


For my second website I would like a lightbox with white background. Also I want a button to next tab (I want it in my first site to). I read on this forum it isn’t possible yet, but can it be done with custom code and will anyone help me with that, I’am not a webdesigner.

Public link

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Where’s the lightbox? Can’t get to launch it. Need it to help you I guess.

Very nice pics as usual Corine.

@vincent Thanks for compliments, the Costume Art is my job :-). I put a lightbox into it this evening (night in Europe), I wasn’t ready with all the portfolio pictures yet. Many many thanks for willing to help me!!

Looking at the lightbox with the link from the other thread now… we got threads mixed up didn’t we?

Oeps, you’re right, sorry for that

Check this:

I didn’t want to add more than these two at the moment, I’m sure Webflow team will update the widget, giving users more grip on styles. But you see how it works. If you need to alter something else, just ask.

Hi @vincent, thanks but I don’t know where to put the code. I copied your code and paste it first in the head and later in the body, but it didn’t work out. What did I do wrong?

Oh, probably not putting the style brackets.

The code goes to the head section, definitely.
You have to put it inside <style></style> brackets.

So like this:

.w-lightbox-backdrop {background: rgba(256,256,256,.9);}

If later you add another CSS property, paste it in between the brackets too.
You can also add commentaries, to remember chat each of your properties do.

/* turning the lightbox background to white  */
.w-lightbox-backdrop {background: rgba(256,256,256,.9);}

Commentaries goes in between /* and */

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Yes!! It’s working! Many, many thanks @vincent. Again thank you very much! Greetings from Curaçao, Corine