Legacy Personal Plan versus current plans


I’m on the legacy personal plan with a CMS access and I do not remember and cannot find a reference to what is included in this plan.

I would like to compare with the new plans. Is there a way to see all features included in these old plans?


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I’m also on the Legacy Personal Plan, and all I can remember is this:

Things changed, I did notice lots of changes… but it’s still a nice piece of software that allows me to design websites in less time than it would take me if I coded them.

p.s: the reason I’m keeping my Legacy plan, is simple… 20 websites > 10 websites (current)

Haha! your picture gave me an idea!

I used the wayback machine to look at an older version of the pricing page like this one: https://web.archive.org/web/20160305135918/https://webflow.com/pricing which is from March 2016.

So it doesn’t seem like we were limited in number of static pages or number of collections as we are in the new plan if I understand…

That’s actually the time I started using Webflow!
Only to think that I’m paying 20$ and it showed $16 at the time…

I still think the new plans are not worth changing over the Legacy ones!

That may be true in some cases.
On my part my website is very big and number of static pages and collections is important. I don’t want to be limited by the plan so I think I’ll just stay as-is for now.

The biggest website I’ve done was 23 pages, and my plan fit well.
But I do like to have the limit of 20 websites, which allows me to have some drafts or sandboxes that some users allowed to clone (I like to study them)

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