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Left pull out menu error

Hey guys,

I am in urgent need of help! I am working on something for a client and I am having an issue with the mobile nav. I set it to pull out from the left but there is a slider element which is coming on top.

How do I fix this?

Public link:

I have narrowed it down to the the slider element being the problem. It comes on top of the pull out nav. I don’t understand whats happening @thesergie !

I am having trouble with this one. I thought it had something to do with the z-index, but I had no luck. Also your left and right arrows for the slider are very large.

I just changed the z-index of the slider to zero and it is working now.

That is so odd it didn’t work for me. That was the first thing I did. But then I restarted webflow and its good now. Thanks man

If you ever believe you did something right, but it’s not working, go back to the dashboard then back into the designer. This often happens to me and it fixes itself also.