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Sliding nav partially covered?

Needing help with a site I’m building… Basically I’m using sliding navigation (mobile) and when it’s opening (at least what I can tell from what I’ve tested thus far) the navigation is sliding under the top-most address bar. It doesn’t seem to happen on ‘some’ browsers, it does, however, happen on Safari. I’ve built other websites in WF using this same scheme, and they haven’t done this… thoughts? I don’t notice any strange z-index issue, but might have missed something.

Thanks in advance!


What I’d like to happen:,ITzKPvG
What’s happening:,ITzKPvG#1

It should be fixable (:

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

If you’re not using z-indexes in your site, select the upper element of the sliding menu, click position:relative even if it’s already clicked and add a z-index value of 1. Try higher if it doesn’t work.

Sorry about the link… here you go:

It’s weird… just seems to be the top brown bar that covers it. I’ve tried adjusting positioning of that, along with the sliding nav (it’s a fixed element, z-index of 1001)… nothing seems to help!

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