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Please help me find the bug

Hi everyone,

On my main page the slider module seems to generate a few issues.

  1. The navigation “points” on top don’t work.
  2. In Chrome, if you scroll while the slider is playing an animation, my navbar on the right missbehaves.
  3. In Firefox, in the same case, the div on top of the slider that contains the text “turns black”.

I have difficulties figuring out the actual problem. Any suggestions?

Any help is much appreciated!

P.S.: The images are not optimized yet, expect big downloads.

I ran into the same exact thing yesterday @bennyhagen. It is at least partially due to you assigning a negative z-index to your div that contains the slider. It prevents you having the ability to select the nav in the component apparently and may cause some minor anguish elsewhere. Try instead to set the element you want to act as a base for that sexy cool slide over effect with a positive z-index or use the default. Then wrap the stuff you want to be on top in a relative aligned div (page wrapper) and set it’s z-index to a higher number. It should sort out that issue at the least and may solve some others as well.

Will look and see if I spot anything else on the redraw issue. Do you have both video as a foreground or background element and a fixed element anywhere on the page. They produce a wicked browser redraw bug that falls outside of webflows’ control. If so disable one or the other.

It looks like your navbar contains multiple nested symbols which is illegal in Webflow and may cause weird behavior. I would start by attempting to resolve that issue if they have nested symbols.

First save your current site state as a backup. You have a bunch of pages and it would be a crime to damage your work based on my hasty advice, so please save a backup first :slight_smile:

Superb work throughout! Great inspiring stuff @bennyhagen. It is going to be a great site.

Hi vlogic!
Thanks so much for your help! It works now. The navigation had another issue too but you were right with the negative z-index, it solved quite a few issues. The site’s online now too.

Thanks again!

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