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Trouble with responsive design of website in iPhones

Hi guys. I need help with the design of my website. On iPhone it gets totally messed up, with one thing on top of each other. I dont know whats wrong with it, because on the preview and Android smartphones everything right.
Here`s the preview link:

Hi there,

Thanks for posting. The Designer will automatically cascade styles down from the desktop break point → mobile portrait breakpoint. That said, any styles given to elements (e.g. margin and width) will be inherited by the same elements in smaller breakpoints.

That said, you used a lot of negative margin and defined widths on images to build your design on desktop. While this makes desktop look just right, it also makes it difficult to build a responsive mobile layout with the same elements. Here is a quick video to show some ways you can fix these issues:

You can check out this blog post to learn more on spacing elements. Nelson has a great stream on responsive design as well.

Hope this helps!

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