Layout is wrong after publishing

Hello and thanks in advance for the help.
I’m trying to use the multi-layout option

In webflow designer the layout is correct, once published the layout has problems (see attached images).

I don’t understand why.
Thanks again for the help.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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So many pages… Can you point us to the page that contain the error?

Hi @Grama,

Look back through your classes. You have a many that are copies of the originals, not sure for that reason. If the design is to be thee same, just remove the copy class and make original.

Also, looks like you have way more classes then you need to have. Try to condense them down and remove any unused ones as well.

CMS Collection Pages - “Utenti Template


I’m trying to make a multi layout using the “Conditional Visibility” option.
Depending on the type of user, the visibility of the page changes.
The structure of the page is essentially the same for all three types of users (1 Shops, 2 Free Time, 3 Hotels), only the color varies (1 Shops = Pink, 2 Leisure = Green, 3 Hotel = blue) and one “services section” for user No. 3 Hotel.

Hi @Grama,

You say you are using conditional visibility, what factors do you have behind it?
How are the different layouts selected?

Can you tell me what some of the tags mean? I do not understand the language that it is.

Hi Brendon,
thank you for your help and time.
The language is Italian.
I created a user table with the CMS and divided them into three categories:
1 shopkeepers
2 Companies providing leisure services
3 Hotel

I created a personal page for users who will subscribe to this project. The pages are very similar to each other in terms of content, essentially changing color and some small information.
In the CMS, in the “USERS” table I created a “Users Layout” field.
I think I understood the problem: I had added an Embed field to go back a page. I deleted it and now everything seems to work. I had searched for the code on the internet.
Sorry for the English and thanks again.

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Sounds good and congrats on figuring it out.

Sometimes not know where to start can hinder our help.

But way to go on figuring it out and lmk if you need anything else?