Collection list leaves blank spaces, NEED HELP

Good morning friends, I have recently created a page where all the posts of a CMS are collected. Very basic, with the main image, the category, the headline and a date of creation.
The problem is that some pages have created blank spaces, I do not know if it is because there is a problem with the CMS or something else…
I can assure you that all the publications have both the main image and the headline text.
Can anyone advise me what to do, thank you in advance.

Hi Javier, you didn’t share your readonly link, but my guess would be the layout you’ve chosen for your collection list is column-based. That won’t work properly if the item heights vary at all.

Instead, select your Collection List element in the left nav, and use a Grid layout.

I try to changed but i dont see anything…

Read only link

Thanks so much it works!

I have other question and I think its similar like this one, but I don’t find a solution.
I have a Grid and in computer mode it works perfectly but in mobile it have problems.
How can I fix that problem? I think is related but in this case it’s not dynamic content.
Its normal content.
I see that the problem of the horizontal scroll also appear on the homepage: Home, I am very confuse because it ruins the mobile version, I wish you can help me.
Thanks in advantage
My read only link: Read only

Start with the webflow U Grid course, and do the lessons and exercises around building with the grid as well.

Grid | Webflow University.

Grid settings like the number of columns and the gutter width can be overridden at breakpoints, so essentially you’ll adjust the grid settings to create the view you want at each breakpoint.

OK I am going to do the course thanks, but in the case of the Homepage, there is no grid and there is an infinite horizontal scroll, I am looking for the issue in the sections and nothing… Can you help me please?

Hi Javier, I’m on vacation so I can’t see much on my tiny laptop screen.
What I can see is that there are a lot o layout issues and they’re mostly related to not fully understanding how layout and breakpoints work in Webflow.

Some of your sections would benefit from a redesign, but before you tackle that I’d recommend you do the webflow U courses, the 21 day portfolio course, etc to familiarize yourself with layout constructions and how to make them responsive.

If you’re on a tight deadline, you’ll want to hire someone to help you fix the major issues.

Otherwise, I’d mark the solution in this thread and then start a new thread with your new issues, so others can help respond too.