Last Dynamic Item moving down?

Hey guys, I can’t seem to figure out why my last dynamic item is shifting down. I have everything set to block and auto… It’s happening on my main menu page as well. Any suggestions? I’ve played with all the settings over and over (that could be my problem :slight_smile:

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks guys!


I’m totally missing something, and can’t figure it out. The div that reveals itself on my menu is pushing the parent dynamic items up. It needs to just overflow down. I shouldn’t need the Z index right? Any help would be much appreciated.





Your problem might be due to the fact that you got fixed height and width on your items. One solution is to use Flexbox. By using that, you don’t need to be dependent on height; that will adjust automatically in relation to the tallest item. So get rid of the px value on height and width on your items and set your dynamic list to display flex.

Amazing. Thanks for the help @StevenP that was as basic as suspected :). I need to be using flexbox, I’ve just been sticking with the old way. Thanks!


You’re welcome mate…:slight_smile:

OK so obviously flexbox is cool. But what if you want your images have to be square? A client of mine will be using designed square photos (like the one attached) On my spec site, I changed the dynamic menu item to 250x250, now the div that reveals the item description get’s cut off by the lower menu item… man this is frustrating. The last thing I want to do is beg for help, but I have nothing else.

Thank guys.

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