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I hope you can help me. I wish to create an unlimited dynamic list which should display as many items as I have in a collection in 2 columns. I have set the size of the container that the list is in to Auto so that the list should extend infinitely. There is an issue however in that anything beyond the first 2 list items gets squashed above the first 2 items. I hope these screenshots explain what I mean. When I have 3 columns they all appear ok, but when I change to 2, then 3rd one goes up on the top left. I wish for it to go where the grey box is in the 3rd image.

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Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/dressential?preview=a3cb15af01536dbb8819d3a68e3fc16c
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Live link: http://dressential.webflow.io/in-focus

Hello @Niall_Mc_Dermott

I think this happens because of some absolute-relative position options.

You have a structure, where relative element has not set height but absolute element inside it has a height set to 450px

It will “collapse” relative elements, because with this settings height of “Thumbnail block” will be ignored.
I would suggest set relative element height 450px and “Thumbnail block” set height auto and aligning: full

Also, don’t forget to change “670” block height to auto too :wink:


Thanks a million Anna. That fixed it. Very much appreciated :smile:

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