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Large-sized image is not showing on iOS iPad or iPhone

I would need some people to test this page : on mobile device cos on my Ipad or Iphone, the page is not loading the picture.


Thanks in advance.


can you link your project’s public link?

How to do that ?

Thanks for your help !
Here is the link :


@Ruby, it looks like your image’s resolution is too big for some devices. You should resize your image (in a separate application like Photoshop) to a smaller resolution (e.g. 1200px at the largest dimension), and that should fix it for IOS devices.

See the “Known Resource Limits” on this page for more details:

I changed the size of the original picture but it does not fixed the problem.
Can you test the page on mobile device :


Your image info:

Dimensions: 2487 × 2845
File size: 1.0 MB
MIME type: image/jpeg

iOS devices can take up to 250KB file size. You should change its size to eg. 1600px and compress it so it’s 230KB top! And because it’s a black and white image you should consider using vectors in here. SVG is better for logos :wink:

I’m not okay with your point of view cos the image is shown on the page :

On this page I tried to display image directly into the home section.
But I can’t use this way to display the image cos on Firefox the image is not resized correctly.

Dimensions: 895 × 1024
File size: 516 KB
MIME type: image/jpeg

Again, image size is over 250KB. Compress it.

@Ruby, @bartekkustra is right, it appears that the file size is too big.

Check out some of these tools to shrink the size of your image: Best Image Optimization Tools