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Responisive images problem

Hello, I’m very frustrated with the automatically scaling images. I tried to test my site on different displays and found problems on imac and ipad. The responsive images doesn’t work properly in different screens.

Here is the share link:
And here is the publish link:

Imac: None of the images have shown up, except for the gif.
Ipad: The images look blurry when I set every width to 100%.

I’m wondering how the responsive images have been recalculated? To avoid the slow loading speed, I limited most of the images to 1778x1002px or 2362x898px around 200~300kb.

Can anyone help solve this problem? Or is there any way that I can adjust these pictures for myself?
Thank you!

Its because the browser are blocking the images as they are are served over http instead of https. Some browsers will show the images and some won’t. I am not sure how to change the images src to https. I have not used HTTPS myself on Webflow yet. Perhaps write to Webflow support.

Thank you @philipboomy
Your answer lights up my day:)
But the images on ipad still look blurry, is there any solution?

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