Website not working on IOS Devices

Hello community,

Already posted two weeks ago but had no responses at all at this point.
A month ago my website stopped loading on IOS devices, i keep looking after a solution but nothing works until now.
Any one went through this issue ?

There is also a bug, whenever I look at photos within the sliders, the photos itself start to move on a side until I can’t see any photos anymore. If i refresh the website and go again, the bug is fixed… I’m really confused

I would really appreciat if anyone could take a quick look at this…

Website crash on ipad, iphone… all IOS mobile devices

Have a good days guys, thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

It would be helpful if you could share a published URL to the page, so inspection in a browser is possible.

Hello, thank you considering my message.
Do you mean a read only link by published URL ?

Published URL where the issue can be found when using an actual device as a normal web visitor.

After 10 minutes of long deep thinking, i suppose that it is… the link itself :

A one-minute glance shows the overlay animation as an issue, as well as the fact that the layout is not fully responsive. I tested on a device simulation (phone and tablet) plus normal desktop. So you have work to do on your site implementation. The University is a great way to get the knowledge needed to fix these problems.

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Oh Jeff, thank you for your time, sincerely, but i’m dead trying to sort it out now haha. Your answer let me think that it is a simple task to achieve, thank you very much.

You can isolate IX2 (animation) issues by disabling them and testing. I only add animation functionality to a project when the design and implementation is complete. Otherwise, there are too many things to deal with.

I felt ready to deal with tons of things, weird thing is this issue suddenly showed up without even changing a pixel (but true, it isn’t the most respectable website ever made). I did some research on the other side and one person mentionned the IOS Devices issues, also, a friend of mine, Android user’s told me that the website had no issue at all on his phone.

I’m trying disabling all animation, no “loading overlay page” aswell, the wesbite is working fine, just the album photo are not opening since it is an animation to make it work.