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Why images look blurry on iPad but proper on computer screen

Hello I need some help,
All of the images (except for those in the arrays) are either 2362x898px or 1788x1002px
These sizes work pretty well on mac pro 15’’ but when I check them on ipad2, the images look blurry.
Here are the example screenshots:

I’ve checked previous posts like [Design help] Issue with fixed background image on iPad/iOS but it seems not working on my problems…

Could @cyberdave or anyone help me to fix it?
Thank you!
Here is my public share link:

Probably because they’re not displayed at their initial scale.

Could yutry this?

Duplicate your site
Generate the responsive variants

See if it works

The duplication of the site is because I don’t think there’s a way back one you’ve gone for responsive images.

Thank you for your reply! @vincent
but I can’t find responsive variants on my site…
is this feature just for upgrading plan? Because I’m a starter.

I think it’s maybe already activated by default on your site and the link only appears in read only mode.

So can I do other thing to fix it?
Since responsive images have already activated, something must goes wrong…

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