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Webflow doesn't resize images in some devices

I’ve finish my Webflow website ( but some people tell the site is not responsible on some device (for ex. Lumia 440). The categories and subcategories images uploaded in 1500x1000 px doesn’t resize.
Who could suggest me a solution or where i’m wrong?
Many thanks.

Can you post your public link please? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Many thanks

Seems you are using inline images from your collection instead of applying them to a background image. any section with a big image should be applied as a background image.

During the night a doubt hit me, and after a control i’ve found the true: the browser I.Explorer doesn’t resize all the categories/subcategories image: as usual Explorer is the worst browser ever?! So i think there’s nothing to do, and as usual Webflow work perfect.
Now i’ll try all the other common browsers and i’ve to find a method with a conditional popup that appears only to the I.Explorer users (and someone else - but i don’t think so).
Any suggestion about it?
Many thanks.

This might help

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