Landscape problem

I’m new to Webflow. I’m trying to get a website I designed to look right. Webflow seems to be a very cool tool. Here’s the simple, one-page website I’m working on: On a desktop, tablet, and phone - in portrait, everything looks great. The background fills the full width of the device. The logo scales with the device container size, etc. However, when I look at the website on my phone (Galaxy S6), in landscape, the background does not fill the width of the device (there is a hard, visible image cut off at the bottom, and the logo does not dynamically size correctly like it does in portrait. Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it? Ultimately, I will have some rotating text underneath the logo, but for now I’m just trying to get the most basic functionality to work. Thanks!

Hi can you get us the sharing link of your website? Check the very first pinned post of the forum to learn how to do this. Thanks!

Here you go:

Does the share link let you see the project as I see it in the admin?

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