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Mobile landscape issue

Good morning. I’m having some issues with my website in “mobile landscape.” All of the other formats that I’ve worked on so far, are responsive without any issues. I hadn’t had this issue in the past, but from what I’ve read on here, it seems to be a common issue that others are having too. I’ve adjusted each size for mobile, I don’t see any issues in Webflow that shows up on my Samsung S9. Could this be possible a bug issue? Also. Where do I post a link to the site where others can see what the problem that’s possibly done on my part? Thanks.

You could post the read-only link right here.

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So will you describe what issues are you facing?

In landscape mobile, some things are overlapping and other items are not positioned like they show in preview mode. Text are going beyond the gray box that it’s set in. All of this only happens in landscape mode. But you can’t see this, unless you’re looking at it on the phone. I’m looking at it on my Samung S9. It’s odd, because other websites that I’ve designed in the past, I’ve never bumped into this issue. I hope this help. Here’s the actual URL.

Well, you set your gray containers height to some fixed value (70vh) so at some point this value is smaller than the height of the content inside of these blocks. Remove height from your gray blocks on all breakpoints.

If there is anything else please tell what exactly is overlapping or not positioned like it should. It is hard to help if you are not telling the details.

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Thanks. It was that. But it was also my other computer wouldn’t allow me to move items up and down, which was weird, because on my other computer I was able to move the logo up and down. Anyways. All is fine in landscape mode. Thanks for locating the problem.

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