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Is it just me or is my site performance super slow?


It seems like my site has gone slow especially when scrolling through. When I try scrolling down through the site via the Webflow designer, scroll is noticeably slow. This is also true when it view the published site. I would like to know if this is just me or if there’s actually an issue that I am failing to notice.

Help and thoughts would be appreciated.


Here is my public share link:
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Oh also, I am using the latest version of Chrome as my browser.

I am also noticing that Webflow Interactions are making the site slow. When removing interactions, the site is somewhat fast, yet laggy on Chrome. I tested this on both Mac and Windows.

My guess is that a site without any interactions at all would make the site lag less.

That’s my findings so far unless someone could point out another reason as to why the site is lagging so badly on Chrome.

Hey @jakerawlins!

Thanks for reaching out - I was able to repro that on my end and it does sound odd, at first glance :slight_smile: The core of the issue is the resolution of those 3 images you have here:

  • test01.jpg is 4000px x 6000px
  • test04.jpg is 3843px x 5764px
  • test02.jpg is 5804px x 3869px

Ideally, try to keep your images under 1920px if you’re using them as background image. For those three cases, where they are in the container which is 1200px, having those images at max of 1200px would more than enough :slight_smile:

Try to change resolution of those images and let us know how things are going for you! I’ll be awaiting your response :slight_smile:


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