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Keyshot VR in Webflow site

Am I correct to assume that if I wanted to embed a Keyshot VR in a website, I would need to upload the Keyshot directory of files to another service and reference that other service in my custom html code?

I am unaware of being able to upload a directory of files to Webflow.

Most probably yes, as users don’t yet have a CDN space to host any files they want on their Webflow sites. (lately we’ve been allowed to host documentation files such as docs, pdfs etc, but the list of types of files is limited)

Your options:

  • a CDN space on any server, that you access with FTP and read with HTTP
  • a service like Amazon S3
  • sharing from Dropbox or another cloud space, but that mostly works for unique files, not very tailored for a structure of folders and files
  • using a 3D/VR service that host your project and propose an easy embed in the form of custom code that you can use in the custom code component on Webflow

Thank you, Vincent. Much appreciated.

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