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Uploading HTML 5 directory with content and index page

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong area - I am trying to confirm if WF will allow me to upload a directory complete with index.html and all content based on HTML 5 so I can design a landing page to link to the index page. I use Pano2VR, which outputs a complete HTML 5-based panoramic presentation in one folder complete with index page. Is this a hosting issue? I don’t see a way to upload the content folder from within the WF editor. I need to confirm this issue before my company pulls the trigger on a Pro/Biz account as our front-end solution (versus Squarespace, etc.). Any help at all is very appreciated -

I don’t have a site created yet - this is an important answer I needed to confirm WF can support hosting Pano2VR content.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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No. Webflow does not allow uploads like a traditional hosting platform where you can upload html pages, scripts, etc. You would need to look at whether Pano2VR works on pages with embedded content or not. Webflow supports loading external scripts, and custom code in the document HEAD and before the BODY close. Custom code embeds in the page are also supported with certain plans.

More information is available in the University.