Hosting html5 files from flash export


As you might know, when uploading html5 files for display there are several files that need to go into the directory if html5 is exported through flash etc.

How can I get the html5 (.html in screen shot) file to display within webflow?

thank you!!

Webflow doesn’t currently support file upload from external sources for its own hosting. Two options:

  1. If you’re exporting your Webflow content and then uploading via FTP, you can simply add these files to your hosting solution. You can point to them using the Embed option inside of Webflow.

  2. If you’re using Webflow for hosting ( or a custom domain hosted by Webflow), you can upload using a free/cheap service (Amazon S3 buckets are great for this) and point to these files via Embed from Webflow.

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