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Keeping the Dropdown Menu open on page load

Hi webflow,

Refer to the public share link of my webflow site:

The first page of the website is the CSR page. we’d like to keep the dropdown open for the page which the user is on.

Say, if the user navigates to page ‘education’, then the CSR dropdown menu should remain open when education page loads.

Trust this explains our problem.

Looking forward to your help,

help, anyone???

Hi, I juste look at your site, understand the request.

You can’t achieve this behavior with Webflow only, using the Webflow DropDown Menu widget. A drop down can’t be set open for production, the open menu button is made as a designer tool solely, I’m sure.

I don’t immediately see a solution to hand-craft the menu without using the drop-down widget, have it in a symbol, and behaving like you want. (I could be wrong but even by using conditional visibility and CMS collections, I can’t find a way for a menu to open depending on the page we’re on.)

So, of course, it it possible to get the behvior you want if 1/ you hand craft the menu with handmade dropdowns and 2/ if the menu is not a symbol and… you know the downsides.

The obvious solution is using Javascript. 2 possible approachs:

  1. you find a clever mind that is going to find how Webflow opens the drop-down and successfully triggers is with code (by triggering the actual trigger or… simulating a click, very easy in JS)
  2. you find any capable JS dev and have them develop the full menu, with your brief.

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