Dropdowns Not working

I have a client that want the drop dropdown to go to the side fo the menu. Can someone help with making a dropdown on a dropdown work please.

I searched the web and I cant find anything on this!?!


Go to SERVICES and go down to FRAUD INVESTIGATION. It puts the drop down right under itself and doesnt push the other menu item down.


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Hey @carlfred,

Go to the dropdown toggle settings and enable the tick box for ‘Open menu on hover’. I recommend placing the dropdown under ‘INTERNAL CONTROLS/ASSURANCE’ nav link because it will overlay it on hover.

Let me know if this works for you.

All the best,


Thanks Waldo of Webflow Support - Here is his response:

Hi Carlfred,

Thank you so much for reaching out and excellent question!

Styling a dropdown open/close state can get a little tricky but you can definitely customize it out in Webflow.

Can you please make a post on the Webflow Help pages under the Design Help category with as much information as possible (read-only link, screen shots and a description).

Then send me a link to the post and I’ll take a peek right away. I wish I could help with every design related question but can only do so during my off hours due to our statement of service.

What you will need to do is add a class name to your “Dropdown List” element, then within the dropdown settings, you will see the dropdown to “open” mode, then style the “open” mode of the dropdown list position, here’s a screenshot of what that looks like here: https://cl.ly/j0Ce

Or you could instead just set the dropdown list to have a position of relative and it would dropdown open pushing the other link down (probably an easier experience that would be simple to translate down to the mobile breakpoints).

Please let me know if this helps, I’m standing by for your reply and a link to your post with the above requested information.

Kind regards,


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