Stop dropdown menu from collapsing after changing page


I have created a navigation with a dropdown function. When I click one of the menu items, which sends me to a new page, the dropdown closes back together. Is there a way to make it appear the exact same way as it did when you clicked it? So the dropdown doesn’t change at all, only the page. I should also mention that this is a cms collection page, so the dropdown menu looks the same on all relevant pages.

It behaves the way I want to if I preview it in Webflow, but it doesn’t behave the way I want on the live page. It is the one underneat “Course Outline” I’m talking about.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Play With a Plan

Link to live page: Play With a Plan

You can set the dropdown menu to be open all the time if you like. I’ve never seen a UX where it’s initially closed, and then opened, and then stays open permanently - but you may be able to accomplish that through script and cookies.

The trick is to find the mechanism that opens the menu, and trigger it so that it auto-opens immediately after the new page loads.

But it also sounds like what you really want is something more SPA-like, where the page doesn’t change but the content within it reloads. You can do this using IFRAMEs or AJAX, but all of that will require some scripting to setup the way you want.

Thanks for your answer! Sounds a bit too complicated for me at the moment, but then I at least know what I can study. Thanks🙌