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Keep dropdown menu open when scrolling

Is it possible to make a dropdown menu stay open? As it works now if I scroll the page or click somewhere outside the menu, it automatically collapses. I want it to stay open until I click on the open (hamburger) symbol again…

How do I force it to stay open like that?

And no, sorry I don’t want to share a public link on the forum. I can PM it to someone. :slight_smile:

many thanks for a grate system!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Thats the default behavior and without custom code, I don’t know how you can modify it. What i have done instead is make my own nav using a button and a div set to be the menu with a click interaction to show/hide it. You have a lot more control doing it this way.

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Not to hijack this topic, @DFink, but I have done the same thing on my current project - the only problem being I am still able to scroll and the menu doesn’t continue to fill the entire page. How do you combat this?

You need to set the menu to fixed. then you can’t scroll away from it. You can also set it to 100% height and/or width to make it cover.

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