Keep the scroll position when go back a page

If anyone knows how can I keep the scroll position when I go back a page? Most useful for shop products, long listed items after viewing the product/item page.

I would be going back from a CMS template page to a static page which has a long list of items in a CMS collection. It would be nice to not have to scroll from the top each time!



Hi @Bella,

Google can help here :smiley:

Heya, thank you for your answer.

I’m not sure how I can implement this though? I’m not too tech savvy so was hoping for something more simple. :slight_smile:


What you are asking to do, is not something simple, so the solution is not very simple… This kind of behavior is on the browser level, and not on the webpage level, you have to use code…

OK thank you!

Would you be able to or know someone who can that I can pay to do it for me please?

Many thanks,

Chrome browser does that all by itself now :slight_smile:


Yes I am totally confused how it magically started working! Was this just the most convenient timing?!