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Keep getting logged out and back logged in a sec later in Designer

Searched the forum and only found one similar topic (Keep getting logged out) which didn’t really helped with my issue.
I’m getting logged out of the Designer getting a modal dialog with
** says: **
You are not currently logged in

After clicking “OK” Webflow automatically logs me in again.

Often I loose my last changes.

I’m logged-in using my Google account. I have logged-out and in manually, deleted my Google Chrome Version 66.0.3359.139 cache & cookies.

Please help!



Hi Don!

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

To be able to take a look into your account settings and understand what might be causing this behavior, can you please reach out to us here?

Thanks in advance!

Just refiled the bug as you suggest. Now happens (after a computer restart) in Safari as well.

… and it still happens in Chrome (which I now switched to) after emptying the cache including cookies, loggine out manually and clicking login again (with Webflow automatically logging me in again using my Google account).

Hi @Don_Rorlach,

Thanks for the information. I found your support ticket and will respond and continue the conversation there.

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:blush: just found out that I’ve indeed been logged in on my other machine. Sorry for making a fuss here.

Pro Tip for other users using there Google account with Webflow:
check your Google profile and below “Sign-in & security” you will find “Device activity & security events”. That’s where you can see all devices using your Google account along the last time you (have been automatically) logged in.

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Your colleague Waldo already pointed me into the right direction.
Indeed was logged in on another machine.
Awesome, lighting fast support from you guys! Love it.


Glad to know that it is solved now! Thank you for your feedback! :smile:

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