Webflow Forcing Re-Login

Sometimes when I log out of Webflow to switch to a different account, Webflow forces me to log back into the account I just logged out of. I click Log Out, am taken to, Webflow.com, then click Log In – this is when the forced log in occurs.

Once I log out a second time, Webflow does not automatically log me in and I am allowed to choose which account I actually want to log into.

This happens on Chrome for MacOS Mojave, and I think it may be related to Log in with Google.

Hi, @ctrav!

Thanks so much for reporting this behavior! I’m happy to help.

Are you logged into the Chrome browser itself as a Google user when this occurs?

Looking forward to hearing back so we can help you tackle this issue! :webflow_heart:

Yep, I am - the same Google user I log into Webflow with.

Thanks! I’m going to do some testing and see what I find! I’ll update you here again when I know more!

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Great. More info: this has been happening for a couple of months and is not a recent development.

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