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Dropdown Menu Problem

My dropdown menu when hovering over the MEN link brings up a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. What should my settings be for a dropdown menu to span the width of the page and be responsive, but not create a horizontal scroll bar? Can you check my settings? Also, how do I get my hover state to remain while the dropdown menu is open? For example, when you hover over MEN it turns red, but when you move the mouse off and move into the dropdown menu, MEN goes back to white…how can I get MEN to stay red as long as the dropdown menu is open?

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To make the dropdown text stay red, you’ll have to style the pseudo class. To do so, click the open dropdown button in the settings tab.

If you go to your men dropdown toggle class. It should now display a lightning and the text open.
Go down to font colour and change it to red.
But before it will work, you’ll have to remove the font colour style on men link text and the hover state.

The horizontal scroll bar can be fixed by NOT positioning things to the right, and NOT using a width greater than the screen size. If you use px in width and position, it will only look great on your screen, not everyone else.

Hope it helps…


Hmmmm…I changed the font color in the way you described, but it just stays white…

Nevermind, I didn’t remove all of the color style on the MEN text including the white. After doing that and adding white font to the Men Dropdown Toggle before it’s open and red after it’s open made it work, thanks!

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