Job Alert Customisation

Hey guys,

I have finished building a HR agency website and they are looking to add a new feature for job alerts. I initially thought of achieving it by Mailchimp but seems like adding a few logics makes it complicated.

A simple form with an email and checkbox field including the specialisations will be listed. It will send an alert to the candidate who chose that specialisation when they post a job within the corresponding specialisation.

I hope it makes sense and thanks in advance.


Mailchimp can be made to work, but I dislike it.

I’d probably check with Audienceful first. They have clean Webflow-focused solution, with some integration. I’ve not explored how far that extends or whether subscribers can be segmented for certain messages.

However what you’re talking about here has a rather complex future, if you end up needing to support digests, e.g. 1 message per day / week for some users which contains a summary.

It would involve some work, but planning for that, I’d probably design this so that the list and categories are managed in AirTable. That gives you a single source of truth on your active email subscribers and their settings. The rest is about triggering on new postings and turning those into emails.

That part can be done effectively using Mailjet and an automation platform like Make.

However you do this is going to involve some tech work. Audienceful might minimize that for an initial simple implementation.