Send an application to a CMS specified email address

Hi Webfow heroes

I’ve been asked to think/ provide costs about a recruitment site. It seems to be a well covered topic here with lots of people saying don’t do it in Webflow.

While i’m weighing up how to best proceed…
1… to use Webflow to build the job listings
2… or use something that’s already be created and then integrate into Webflow i’ve a question.

Let’s say I went with Webflow and set up the CMS to have all the jobs…

Would I be able to add specific email addresses of the recruiters to a job so that when the person submits an application that application goes to those specified emails rather than just an info@…?

Would logic allow that at all? ( not something i’ve used yet )

I would imagine the client would want an email fired off to the applicant saying thanks for your application as well as an automated thing. If anyone has any recommendations for that and what I’d need to integrate with that would be really useful.

The more I think this through as I type it, it looks like it might be best to use something that’s been set up and integrate that with webflow for time and cost.

If anyone could or would be willing to share any great tools they have used previously I’d be most grateful

thanks so much

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Use Make (Integromat) instead for what you’re asking for.

These setups are doable and not too difficult once you get the hang of it.

Here’s how I’d approach this specific use-case:

  • Have the application hosted on a CMS template page.
  • Have the applicant submit the form to Make (Integromat)
  • Either include the recruiters email from the CMS within a hidden form field, or the CMS item id and query it from Make (via the Webflow API). Either approach is doable.
  • Have Make connect with your email provider, and send emails to whomever you like.

I have a bunch of blog posts that run through these sorts of setups:

…and so much more here:

Depending upon your skill level and timeline, that could be better, but I don’t know of any plug-n-play solutions, though.

@ChrisDrit Thank you soooo much.

I’ll take a look at these tomorrow.

Really appreciate you taking the time.