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IX2.0 issue with duplicating to other sites

Hello webflow,

i recently used new interactions to create some show/hide searchbar and logged user in navigation section (header). Problem is, you can not set this navigation bar as Symbol (bcoz there are used interactions 2.0) and if you copy this section to other sites, triggers will lost all references to existing layers they are affected by their interactions. You have to manually set all triggers and interactions (or target classes) manually, which is really annoying, time consuming and you lost certainty those headers have no differences.

Is there any way how to duplicate section with interactions into other sites in one project? Thx.

Tomas Nosek

Yeah I know it’s on the wishlist… I’ve added comments to that as well.

Thanks for your feedback @tomasnosek! We’re definitely working on some updates to alleviate some of those issues/add more functionality, here are the release notes:

Ok, thanks, I didn´t read whole article after release so i´ve missed that. Nice to hear and looking forward for new features.

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