Issues with Webflow checkout and Stripe

Anyone else having issues with processing payments with Stripe? I have everything setup correctly (as far as I can see) - ssl on, stripe connected and checkout enabled. When I attempt to buy a test product, it doesn’t progress past checkout and I get a generic error. All of my credentials are correct. And when I check the Stripe logs, the submissions have created a card token and new customer with the full details. So it’s validating the card. But it’s not creating a charge which is the next step in the Stripe process.

This is so frustrating as I have no idea why it’s not going through. Stripe support were very helpful and said the issue is definitely the way Webflow integrates with stripe and processes a payment.

Webflow are labouring over solving this by asking what form data I have entered via screen grabs. It’s not that! Everything is entered correctly, just find the problem and fix it instead of spinning your wheels. Stripe support called me within 30 secs of me asking for support online. Leagues above Webflow.

I am considering switching platforms purely for a better support offering.

Any help with the above from the community would be appreciated. I am paying for something that doesn’t work.

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Hello @karlreynolds

I feel your pain and I totally understand. I will tag @PixelGeek and I think he can help with the problem.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thanks I appreciate the help

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I found the issue, by guessing. In order to test a transaction (because Webflow has no test mode with Stripe) I had to set up a live product and use a real credit card. So I wasn’t spending $$$ testing, I set the product price to $0.05. After days of failed attempts (with no assistance from Webflow support, even though they could see the product price I was attempting to purchase), I investigated to see if Stripe has a minimum price for a product. They do at $0.50 for Australia. I changed the product price and it worked. Incredibly frustrating.

My issues are as follows:

  • Webflow support failed to help or identify the issue and simply didn’t communicate with me
  • Stripe support failed to see the issue even though they could see the price of my test product
  • There is no Webflow test mode available to allow testing of transactions with dummy credit card numbers Stripe provide
  • There is no onboarding assistance in Webflow eCommerce when connecting Stripe, a vital step. This could simply be something like - “Key things to know when connecting Stripe, eg. minimum price”

I am a massive Webflow advocate and have invested hours in your platform and have multiple sites hosted. But the eCommerce experience has been somewhat disappointing. I really hope the next realease is a big step forward.


I haven’t tried Webflow Commerce yet but can’t you enter Stripe test keys?

Hi Philip. I’m pretty new to Stripe but I’m pretty sure the answer is no. Webflow eCommerce doesn’t currently allow a simple toggle between test and live modes. It also doesn’t allow you access or control over the API keys. If you enter a test credit card number in checkout, it’s rejected by Stripe because Webflow eCommerce (off-the-shelf) is permanently in live mode.

I’m sure a Webflow eCommerce test environment is on their roadmap. It’s essential.

First, our sincerest apologies for our delay in response. Lately, we have been experiencing higher than normal volume. I know this is no excuse, but we definitely appreciate your patience while we navigate through our growing pains.

We do our best to resolve all issues as quickly as possible; however, during times of high volume our response time may be delayed.

As for the the issue, yes. There is currently no way to test a full checkout experience at this time. However, our ecommerce team is aware of this and are already working on a way to let you test. This was also asked during our live stream with the two product managers working on the ecommerce feature.

Once the feature is ready, we’ll release it and announce it to the community.

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So I assume that these mini live test purchases which we have to use in order to test integrations by getting an order in the system are potential breaches as per below ?

Do not create live charges to test your integration. Any testing in live mode using real payment details is prohibited by the Stripe Services Agreement.
Testing | Stripe Documentation


Thanks for responding. This really should be prioritised as a feature.

Hmmmm. Interesting…

FWIW, you can fully refund your Stripe charges, including the Stripe fees. So testing with a real card can cost you nothing except having a small amount of money out of your account while the refund processes.

Did this get resolved? Is there a test mode now? 18 months later?

nope, unfortunately that isn’t the case

It’s absolutely bizarre this doesn’t exist. For anyone creating an e-commerce platform surely they would have order testing as a major feature :sweat_smile:

@PixelGeek hello! Do you know a way to fix this problem?

On my website I sell boxes of ribbons, normally 10 ribbons per box and the price that appears is the price per box, but I would like the price per unit to appear in google shopping, a field that I have generated in the item’s file, but the automatically generated feed does not catch it.

I have read that google shopping does not allow to put the price by units when packages are sold, but if we could put the price by unit and in the cart set a minimum quantity for that product, then the problem would be solved.

could you help me with that?


Hi All

I am having the same problem, I have made a test product and have tried to purchase it to test the stripe integration and I’m getting this generic issue, can anybody help me at all?.. your help would be very much appreciated!

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I’ve found this on stripe dashboard

“doc_url”: “Error codes | Stripe Documentation”,
“message”: “Stripe doesn’t currently support application fees for platforms in US with connected accounts in BR.”,

So I think it will not work at your country as well.

Hi Webflow Team,

Has this featured been launched yet? As a Webflow Professional Partner and testing e-commerce in Webflow this is a crucial step in the process of testing the checkout without having to pay CC fees just to test. I thinks it been over 2 years now as I can see above. When do you think we will have an answer on this?

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