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Checkout Issue Charge request not going through

I have been trying to run a test checkout with the new e-commerce platform to make sure everything is up and running on the product purchase side of things and I am running into errors when hitting place order.

I will input my customer information and hit place order and one of the error messages comes up. On the stripe end, the customer appeared and is present in the logs. On the logs, reading the code it looks like everything has passed on the customer information. Stripe recognizes the payment, but the website doesn’t continue on to the order confirmation or push it through.

No orders are pushed through on the editor end. I am lost as to what is going on here.

Here are the links
There is a free product in there that I was using for testing. Not sure what information I need to provide as payment info and stuff can be sensitive.

Update: I worked it out with stripe and the charge request isn’t going through. Is there anyone that can help with this issue? I am stuck. That is as far as they can get me.

You should open a trouble ticket with webflow.

Yeah, I opened it up with them and they are helping me out! I’ll post the solution here in case this happens to anyone else.

I’m having the same issue. Customers couldn’t place order/ i lost conversions :frowning:

I am trying to work it out, hopefully I can get a solution for you!

Okay, so what was happening when the customer couldn’t place the order? How much was the product. The issue I was having was the price. Since I was testing, I had the item free and also later for 1 cent. However, stripe won’t process anything under 50 cents.