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Issues with SEO - No 301 Re-directs?

Hi, I recently submitted the above site (my first in Webflow) to a company called ‘TotalSEO’ it scored as I expected in most areas but they have raised a couple of issues that concern me. I’ll post a topic for each! I added 301 re-directs when I published but they say:

WWW Resolve
Warning, no 301 redirects are in place to redirect traffic to your preferred domain. Pages
that load successfully both with and without www. are treated as duplicate content!

It is important that your site with and without the WWW redirect to the same page.
If the WWW resolve is not correctly set up search engines can consider it to be two different websites, this can result in a penalty for duplicate
content, even though it may not have been done intentionally.
We will test your URLs to make sure the address with and without the WWW is correctly set up and performing correctly.

Have I done the Re-directs incorrectly?

Site settings > Hosting > Custom Domain

Click on the home icon next to the trashbin icon to set a default domain.

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Thank @samliew - all done. Have a great day.