WWW and / and redirect chains

Nearly, we migrated from our custom website to Webflow.
I’ve faced 2 problems that really important from SEO side.

  1. The first one it’s a redirect chain when I tried to set the primary domain name as “site.com”. But then I got a redirect chain without WWW → with WWW → with WWW and so on.
    How to set a domain URL without WWW and don’t get this problem? Support only said, “any way clients could get to website”. It’s not a solution. Yeah, when I set “www.site.com” it works. But I don’t need it. I need “site.com

  2. the Previous website had “/” on the end of URLs, but here I can’t do that. And again I’ve got the answer “any way clients could get to website”.

Changing URLs is always harmful SEO.