Webflow doesn't 301 reddirect the default domain?

Hello, I’ve changed my domain name and am trying to use the Google Change of Address tool. When I try to validate it says that it can’t fetch the redirect of the old domain to the new one. (Attached a pic)
I’ve read that if you simply put the new domain as your default one in webflow, webflow automatically 301 redirects to your new domain.

Can somebody please help?

I’d expect that’s correct, but it will only redirect if you’ve set the new one as the default domain.

Check to make sure you’ve done that, then re-publish everything, and then I expect the CoA tool should work ok.

I did set the new one as the default one… :confused:
That’s why I’m wondering why Google thinks it’s not 301 redirecting…

Ah I see the problem.

https://cartechposter.shop/ is redirecting fine.


But http://cartechposter.shop/ ( note the http: ) is still pointing at an old site here-


So, two things-

First submit your CoA with https:, not http:


And second, you’ll want to fix your DNS records.

I don’t know enough about Webflow’s specific approach, but I’m not seeing Webflow’s CNAME record for either cartechposter or 0-62.