Issues with google analytics on landing page

I’m trying to get Analytics data on the main domain landing page (the main domain only has this page)as well as all the sub-domain that we are working on. I can only see data on all the pages in the sub-domain.
I am doing this for a good reason as we are m aking great strides with creating social media ad campaigns whilst we are finishing the site on the sub domain to be ahead of the game when we launch in Sept, but we need to collect data from the main domain landing page as well, but it seems to only show the sub-domain pages in google.

I am assuming I have set it up right in the project settings as I wouldn’t see all the sub-domain data, maybe it is not possible to collect from both???

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what system are you using for analytics, google analytics? The built-in analytics inside webflow? We need a bit more information to help you out here :slight_smile:.
If you’re using something like google analytics, make sure you’ve got the authentication set up correctly. I don’t personally use google analytics so I can’t help you with specifics.

Hi Sarah
Thanks for the reply it does say I am using google and I do say I have everything set up correctly and it it is giving me feedback but only on the subdomain, it wont give me feedback on the only page which is a landing page on the main domain???

@Shaun that’s why I wondered if you had the main domain verified and set up correctly. Just trying to help out. I didn’t think it was clear whether you used google analytics or something else. You said ‘it shows up on google’, that could be google search results for all I know.