Navbar links to sections within a symbol

Not 100% sure whether this is a bug, or set up like this deliberately, but it seems like its a bug! :slight_smile:

I have created a “header” symbol. Within my header symbol, I have a navbar. I am assuming this is fairly common / standard practice.

I have included my header on multiple pages because it is a much easier way to maintain the menu links when they change etc.

When the menu contains a link to a section (e.g. on my home page) the link does not actually go to the home page, it just goes to the section.

This means that when I am on an inner page (not the home page) the links in the menu don’t work (because the section doesn’t exist on the inner page).

Would it not make more sense to make section links include the page link as well, thus fixing this problem?
Within the designer, this would mean that section links would need an extra “page” drop down, which would then populate the existing “Section” drop down with the sections relevant to the page selected.

I appreciate this isn’t a 2 minute change, but it also doesn’t seem too hard :wink:

Hi @innuorich

Thanks for posting about this and great point. I definitely agree it would be great to have more anchor link control like this. We have an internal enhancement request to get this sort of feature added, but I can’t give an exact time frame on when such an update will be implemented.

In the mean time, you can add the link manually to fix this. Instead of using the “Page Section” link type, you can use the URL field and type out the URL manually.

For example, let’s say you have a navlink that goes to#contact section on your About page. The URL would be You would drop this URL into the URL field of the navlink:

Then no matter what page you are on you will be directed to the about page and to the #contact section specifically.

This is what I have ended up doing for now, but it becomes a problem when I am developing on an internal dev site, then a few times a day uploading the code to our external dev site (different URL), before finally launching to the live URL once it is all ready :slight_smile:

I’m sure I will get by, it just seems like a good feature that shouldn’t be to hard to add and would save a lot of hassle (for the developers!).

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