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Navbar not working or looking the same on pages other than homepage

revamping my portfolio site by cloning it.
built a new nav, made it a symbol, and placed it atop all my pages (about 30 of 'em)

Now notice two things…

  1. the depth of the nav is changing. On homepage its 65 deep. on all other pages, it seems deeper - but it isn’t.
  2. the anchor links only work on the homepage. Granted - they drive to sections of the homepage… but they seem completely non-functional on other pages.

Here is my public share link:

Any help massively appreciated.

Hi @scottbarbey, thanks for reaching out on this, those are both good questions. Let me help to provide some answers:

  1. On the homepage, the initial link class in the nav has the “Current” pseudo class. The “Current” class is automatically appended to a link class, when the url that the link is pointing to is the same page where the Navbar is placed. On other pages, there Current class is not shown, because the url of the page has changed and the link is not pointing at the “Current” URL.

Home Page initial link with “Current” class:

Other page on site, showing the Initial link class, without the “Current” pseudo class:

Now looking at the differences in the Initial link class on the home page with the current class, compared to the Initial Link without the current class, I see that the typography on the “Current” class has a line height set to 73px

On the other pages, the Initial link has a line height of 62px:

I would suggest to either change the Initial link with the current class to 62px, or change the Initial link class on the other pages without the current class, to be 73 px line height. The moral of the story is, the line heights should be made the same between pages and classes.

On the linking to sections, normally a link to a section on the home page is entered like this:


When linking to sections on other pages, for a site hosted in Webflow, the format is:


And when using these links on an exported site:

Now, the symbol will work on the home page, as the links are probably setup to point to section on the same page.

To get this to work, I would create two versions of the same navbar (just duplicate it). In the home page version, you will put the links to sections as /#section or use the built in section linking.

On other pages, you will need to use the duplicate nav symbol, with links to other pages, setup as:

/page#mylink (for sites hosted in Webflow)

or (for sites that are exported)

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further.


Hi Dave…
First - thanks for the advice. tried following it.

So I spent another hour trying to get the two nave to be samey-samey. with no success.
While i like the overall feel of the nav on all lower pages (still a symbol) the nav on the homepage is all wonky.

height of the overall bar. on homepage, it seems skinnier than other pages. Almost like its set at a negative depth.

I’ve yet to tackle the nav links - but I understand the issue there and think that will be less of an issue.

Also - side note, I was trying to get “scott barbey” to appear ONLY when rolled over the SB button in the top left. (built an interaction) - but unfortunately, it activates whenever you roll over anywhere on the nav bar. grrrrr.

PS: as always - thanks for your help.


Hi @scottbarbey, thanks, there might be some other styles that need to be updated, I will be happy to take a look and post back once I have more info :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

super appreciated.
I gave it a real good college try and am still stumped. :slight_smile:

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