How can I use a nav bar symbol and get to a page section from another page?

Here’s the situation: I have a nav bar symbol. On the home page the links to the page sections on the home page and work fine, but if i’m on another page the links to the home page sections just do not work.

One alternative is to hard code the links to the home page the # but was wondering if I’m just missing something fundamental. Much thanks

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Hello @msmillie,

Your link is not working.

Hey @msmillie - your alternative would be the solution here. Unfortunately, Webflow doesn’t have the native capability to select a page section on a different page, but if you want to see it happen, you can vote on the Wishlist item here:

Hi @msmillie,

You dont necessarily need to hard code the links. Create your main nav for your homepage.

Copy/past that to your next page (not home), if it is a symbol, unlink it. In the nav, add this as a link option: /#section-name (what is on the home page).

This works, I have done it numerous times. From here you could create a separate nav symbol just for pages/templates.

Hope that helps.

Hey, I’ve been trying that but couldn’t find the way.
Could you help me out by detailing a bit more of each step?
I don’t understand where exactly I would drop the /#section-name