Issue with members login

I have had a few people make accounts, but as the screenshot upload says, nobody can login.

I have seen a few threads about this, however they talk about other solutions such as firebase etc

I want to try and keep it all in house because I have other bits of software built around everything staying the same

Some people have found workarounds but I’m not sure if I can integrate this

Hey Jordan, do you have a published site link and a demo login? I’ll check it out.
I identified a bug recently in the login process but I’m not sure how widespread it is.

DM me if you prefer with the login.

Welcome @Jordan_Leak :wave:

You a few issues.

But, the biggest standout…

You have Memberstack on your site and you’re attempting to use Webflow Memberships instead.

Remove the Memberstack Javascript and this has a high likelihood of working for you.

I started to use memberstack after running into this problem, but I can see how it looks when the header was there

When I tried this and first initially posted, memberstack was not in there

Hi, how do I contact you best?
Google meet?