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Trouble with Memberstack

Hi there

Im trying to create a site that has profiles on CMS so when you login you are directed to your own dashboard but other people can see your profile and just certain elements are hidden. Having major trouble with this. been through everything with no success. I made a little video to make it more clear

Any help would be amazing

here is my site

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Hobbitrock83

I think the reason why it’s not redirecting properly is that you have a cms ID value instead of cms slug. To what I know Memberstack only redirects to URL.

The redirect does work when I put the CMS profiles in the members page section of memberstack which means other non members can’t see it. It’s very frustrating, I can get it all to work just not in the way I want

Cheers for looking though

Hum, unfortunately it goes beyond what I know of Memberstack so far.
Have you tried the memberstack forum ?

No worries. Thanks for looking. Yeah been going through everything with no luck. Nothing seems to be working

still really struggling with this if anyone has any ideas??

@Hobbitrock83 can you get more specific with this?

when you login you are directed to your own dashboard but other people can see your profile

So you want the logged in member to fill out a profile, but you only want select fields of that profile to be visible to non-logged in members? If so…

  1. Can you list ALL of the profile fields you want for a logged in member?
  2. Can you list the fields that are public (non-logged in members can view)?

If you provide more detail I can probably come up with a solution, or point you to an existing one.

Hi chris. what im after is that ive got a tab in my profile and i want people (not the only clearly) just to the see the profile not the rest of the back end, which ive now got. however now that im logged in its allowing me to see the backends of all the other users which is clearly something that im not after. My dashboard button also doesnt seem to be working as well which im genuinely clueless about but im guessing im just missing something simple there. any ideas??

that data-ms-member link doesnt seem to be working for some reason

Let’s start with this issue:

My dashboard button also doesn’t seem to be working

Can you screenshot your Webflow “Custom Attributes” settings for your Dashboard button?

pretty sure thats right but could be wrong

this is my site.

pretty sure thats right but could be wrong

It’s wrong :smile:

So you mentioned that you followed one of my screencasts, but my screencasts show different settings to make that work, here’s a couple of screenshots:

The correct attributes, when following the video walk through (you may have changed the setup, so they may no longer work for you, I don’t have visibility into your setup as your Read-Only share link does NOT work) are:

Name: ms-member-page
Value : default

If you haven’t deviated from my screencast those settings will work.

Give it a try!

boom that does work. your a good man chris. dont know where i saw the other attributes.

any idea why i can see other peoples back end when i log in??

sorry to be cheeky but thought i might as well whilst i have your attention

cheers again

i know why sorry its because im only hiding it from non-members so soon as your a member you can see everything but do you know how to hide stuff on a certain profile from everyone besides the user themselves

at the minute im using “data-ms-content” “basic”

MOD EDIT: Topic changed to custom code since issues with third party tools are not Webflow bugs.

hi chris for some reason the link, though it was working the other day, is now disappearing as soon as i publish it?? any ideas why this is happening

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