Issue with Finsweet's Cookie Consent cloneable

Hi all:

I am trying to get my website to work with Finsweet’s Cookie Consent. I have chosen “Cookie Option 3”, and created a component.

The problem I have is that the selected cookies don’t seem to be saved properly. It seems to be working OK when the component is dropped on one page but if I drop it on multiple pages, the selection made on one page isn’t reflected on the others. It’s completely messed up.

I thought it could be related to something I did wrong within my website and so I created a blank project with only 4 dummy pages and dropped the Cookie Consent component on all 4 pages. And the same problem occurred.

Here’s a read-only link to these dummy pages which illustrate the issue: Webflow - Test Cookies.

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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I wanted to add to my own thread. I have inspected the value of the fs-cc cookie as I make changes to my cookie consent settings from different pages.

It turns out the the cookie seems to be storing the correct data, for example:


but the graphical component does not reflect that data, as illustrated by the screenshot below:

I have the same problem
don’t know why?