Issue with designer crashing when accessing a certain page

Hello Webflow community! (Repost)

I am a relatively new web designer, and am using Weblflow for the first time for a client project! This platform has helped immensely in my ability to gain and develop my skills, and the university courses as well as this community have been HUGE helps in this process.

With that said, I am having an issue that I have not been able to resolve. Some context for the project: I am using a template that originally had CMS and ecommerce functionality, however I only have the CMS site plan, as my client is not looking to start online sales yet. I understand that I am not able to delete these pages as the site was built with ecommerce capabilities, but I am running into trouble accessing one of these pages now for the first time since starting this project.

Here are the issues:

  1. I cannot delete any of the products/categories or their respective collections because they are referenced on the ‘products template’ page.
  2. If I try to open or access the ‘products template’ page, the designer crashes.
  3. If I try to manually disconnect any of these items/collections from the ‘products template’ page, the designer crashes.

At this point I’m not trying to delete the pages, I just want to delete the items in the current collections and replace them with the products that will eventually be used for online sales. Also, even though the ‘products template’ page will be dormant until the site plan has ecommerce active, I would still like to have access to this page and not have it crash the designer when I open it. As I am new to Webflow, I’m probably missing something very simple, but any input or support on this issue would be incredible!

Thank you in advance!

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