Designer crashes when I try to access 'products template' page

Hello Webflow Community!

I have tried posting this twice already, but as I just made my account today, the first two posts were flagged as spam. It took a little while to get the message telling me that I had my ‘new user restrictions’ lifted, so here we are! (apologies for if those other posts become visible and you see repeats)

I am a relatively new freelance web designer. Before I had any knowledge or experience, I built my companies first site on squarespace. I shortly after discovered Webflow and it has DRASTICALLY improved my design/development skills in a short period of time. Webflow university and this incredible community have been key resources in finding this recent success!

With that said, I am coming with an issue that I have not been able to resolve. I should mention that I am using a template that originally came with CMS and ecommerce functionality, but I only have a CMS site plan as my client is not planning to start online sales immediately. I’m aware of the fact that I cannot delete pages from a site that originally had ecommerce functionality (though that would be very cool). But still experiencing a weird problem.

Which is:

  1. I cannot delete any products/categories or their respective collections because they are referenced in the ‘products template’ page.
  2. If I try to open or access the ‘products template’ page, the designer crashes.
  3. If I try to manually disconnect one of these items from the ‘products template’ page in the collection settings, the designer crashes.

I have removed any other references/connection that I can find on the website, other than ones on this problematic page. Like I said, totally understand that I can’t delete the pages themselves, but ideally I would still be able to start fresh with these collections, and still have access to this page on the site for when my client wants to begin their online sales.

I am probably just missing something small, but I have been trying to figure this out for hours and I could use some input!

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The Natural Boutique