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Issue with collection grid "buy now" button adding last product item only for all button presses


I am not sure if anyone else is having this issue.

However, I have done a search and can’t see anything documented at this point.

So this issue is this:

I am trying to add a product grid with a buy now button for each product and on the surface, it seems to work when you click the first product. However, I noticed that I couldn’t add another product to the cart. After doing some digging the problem comes down to the “Add to Cart” button not passing the correct product to the cart (seems to only pass the last record/cms product to the cart and as I only had 1x product in the inventory it was blocking any more additions).

I have pulled my client’s site apart and put it back using new instances of the functionality and each time I get the same issue.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

thanks for any help in advance


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

preview link :

Removed my previous update as was incorrect. I have rebuilt on a new project and the same issue occurs.

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Ok so I think I have drilled down to where the problem is. And it is caused by the “product options” feature.

If you create a product without any options then the issue I am experiencing happens, however, to get the correct product to ADD TO CART you have to give it a option in the CMS and then select the option via the dropdown list (you will have to deselect and re-select the option if you have already added it to cart). Then when you press add to cart it will add the correct product from the collection list.

I will keep digging to see if there is a workaround but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

And @webflow this is definitely a bug with the eCommerce system as this is extremely clunky user experience.

Hi @davidwaters01

just to confirm you want to be able to add multiple products to the Cart or use the expedited checkout with Buy now? i’m asking because there are some major differences in how these workflows work:

  • Add to cart will add a product with all selected options (if you’re using variants) and quantity to the Cart; then you’ll be able to add more (same or different) products to the same Cart and then one you’re ready proceed to Checkout
  • Buy now on the other hand will take the product with all selected options and quantity and go directly to the Checkout; if you go back to the store page and choose a different product and use Buy now again, it’ll replace the previous selection and only use the new product when continuing to the Checkout

As for Products without and with variants (option sets are used to create them), both Add to cart and Buy now should work with them:

  • if no variants exist, you don’t need to choose any option and can proceed with the Product right away
  • if there are variants defined, you’ll need to select values for all of them (or you can choose an option to pre-select a default variant in the Designer when building the Product’s grid) and then you’ll be able to proceed with them

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Hi @maciejjasinski

Thanks for the fast response.

The way I am trying to get this to work is to allow a user to quickly add multiple items to a cart without having to go to the product page level.

I am trying to use the add to cart button however my clients business only has one version (no variants) and for some reason every time I try and implement a grid view of products with a “add to cart” button on each it will load the last item to the card regardless of what button is pressed.

The preview link I created shows what’s happening.

link to video run-through on example page

The second issue is if I pull in a grid within the product pages (i.e. similar products) and again add a quick button (add to cart) the products page “add to cart” button adds the last item in the list and not the collection (product) item being viewed.

Thanks for any help on this.


I have updated the preview link quickly to show the primary user journey that I am trying to achieve. Including adding to cart functionality, links to product pages and similar products (within product page).

@davidwaters01 Hi David! John here. This is a known issue that the Ecommerce team was able to isolate. They are currently pushing out a fix for this and it should be updated shortly.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help here. I’ll reach out with new information as soon as I have it.

Hi @davidwaters01!

​All set. The update is now live. You will just need to re-publish the site for the changes to take affect.

​Happy we were able to get this resolved quickly for you.

​If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please reach back out, and I would be happy to assist further.

@johnramos @maciejjasinski

Works perfectly now. Thank you so so much for the quick turn around you guys absolutely rock.